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Is cloning and genetic engineering ok?

Should we clone humans?

Should we clone animals?

What about plants?

What about genetic engineering?


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Yes because we can clone vegetables, fruits, and animals so everybody could have food. Also with genetic engineering you can fix birth defects and clone organs to give to people in need of one. There is so much good that could come of it.

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It is very important first off, that life continue to evolve as it does on its own, through messy gene swapping complete with tiny mutations in DNA along the way.

But there is nothing inherent about cloning that would suggest nature would suddenly stop reproducing on its own at the same time.

Cloning is a wonderful way to feed the hungry, and to farm organs...

No, not like that galactica movie, where humans are killed for their organs,

I mean in a jar somewhere, a single organ that is a genetic match to your or my own organ, ensuring the organ is not rejected... organs have no self-awareness, so it's okay to do that, I know because a magic dude in the sky whispered it in my ear or something... Christians.

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Yeah lets do it. Maybe we'll learn a valuable lesson like humility as we play God and .... screw up we will.

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I say, don't f@#& with nature. :) I think we are made the way God intended and that we were all made the way we were for a reason. And if you don't believe in God, then replace it with nature. ;)

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protazoa(427) Disputed
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where do you draw the line at "F@#&[ing] with nature"? You claim that genetic engineering is past this line. what about insulin pumps for diabetics? Did G-d/nature make their pancreas fail for a reason, and it is wrong to treat them with evil machines of artificial doom?

Or tylenol. Perhaps G-d/Nature MEANT for you to have a headache- so suck it up and deal with it.

Generic engineering is the next medical breakthrough, just as protein synthesis was a breakthrough in treating diabetes or herbal remedies were a breakthrough in treating headaches. Mankind has always tinkered with nature, how is this step any worse than the million steps required to get where we are today?

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But also, if all the plants or animals are the same one strand of disease would kill al of them. Also cloning and genetic engineering is immoral becasue it is like "playing god." Humans should not have the power to create and copy life, there is so much we don't understand and so much that could go wrong.

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iamdavidh(4816) Disputed
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da, ah, AH! ooooh...

so close, then you had to pull out the magic dude in the sky arguement.

I mean really, it all sounded so good. Why ruin it with mysticism?

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protazoa(427) Disputed
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Genetic engineering does not necessarily mean that everybody has identical genomes. One of many uses that shies away from that theory entirely is that, if a genome has a high risk of disease, that portion of the genome can be altered. Natural or synthetic genes that improve health, cognitive ability, or any other beneficial aspect of life could be spliced into a persons genome.

This is not creating a horde of identical clones that would soon be wiped out by a plague.

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I think we should do something about some sort of a protocol, "How to ask a question of dummies", I mean, wouldn't "Would you clone yourself?" or "Your newborn son?", "Would you buy a bunker in alaska to keep all your relative's insurence-clones?", you know - or even "What's the worst thing that can happen?"

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