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What do you think about Kierkegaard?

I've only read a brief 200 page introduction book about this guy, but he started making me think about religion in a different perspective. However, I've also grasped the guy was a bit crazy and out of touch with reality, as well as a major pessimistic loner towards the world, so it makes me wonder how much of his thoughts are really worth pondering.

Basically though, there's a part where he goes on to say that being religious can be better than being scientific for the reasoning religion  brings on more meaning, in the end. As in, you can believe as much science and facts as you want, but what exactly will it offer us? I'm not saying I agree with him, but I want to know the views of those of you that have read about him and pondered the topic, that is, if you actually get what I'm trying to emphasize.

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