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Doherty95's Reward Points: 299

Points When What Where
2 Created Debate Is God Scientifically testable?
10 Added Argument Athiests, or Christians, prepare to be defeated.
2 Added Argument Is there evidence for God?
1 Added Argument What actually came first? Use logic!
1 Added Argument Could God could have "stirred the pot"?
1 Added Argument Should Britain cede control of the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands to Argentina.
1 Added Argument Is it reasonable not to believe in evolution?
1 Added Argument Generally Speaking, Which People are More Closed-Minded ?
0 Added Argument God plays favorites.
9 Added Argument Is it reasonable not to believe in evolution?
1 Added Argument If were God, what would you have done differently?
3 Created Debate Should Child Circumcision for Non Medical reasons be Banned?
1 Added Argument Is it acceptable to mock someone based on their beliefs?
1 Added Argument Would America be a better nation if Great Britain still ruled over it?
2 Added Argument Should Religion Be Taught In School?
1 Added Argument English People are Cleverer than Americans
1 Added Argument Tea or Coffee
1 Added Argument Did humans evolve from apes?
1 Added Argument Should math and science be compulsory?
2 Added Argument Are religious people less intelligent?
2 Added Argument is the word pedophile inaccurately defined?
1 Added Argument Are gay people fully developed humans?
1 Added Argument Why are so many Members here - Fixated on Religion?
1 Added Argument Can someone who accepts something on faith really care if what they believe is true?

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