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Slavedevice's Reward Points: 1393

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument If you saw video of a teacher teaching Christianity in class would you be okay with it?
1 Added Argument Christianity or Judaism?
1 Added Argument Does this describe what you see today?
1 Added Argument Are Races equal?
1 Added Argument What should we do about Climate Change?
1 Added Argument Racists Can Be Left Wing
5 Created Debate Racists Can Be Left Wing
1 Added Argument Media lies about Buffalo shooter as right wing. He's an open Communist
1 Added Argument Does the welfare system make people and groups richer or poorer
1 Added Argument Is Business Evil?
1 Added Argument Should we whites use the science of Eugenics to maintain our racial superiority?
1 Added Argument If Abortion Illegal Birthcontrol Free
5 Created Debate If Abortion Illegal Birthcontrol Free
1 Added Argument If you don't want your 7 year old kid, should you be able to kill them legally?
1 Added Argument Why mental healthcare is important?
1 Added Argument God Appeared to Me
5 Created Debate God Appeared to Me
1 Created Debate Has Communication Tech Improved Freedom
1 Added Argument Democrats fleeing the party in massive numbers
1 Added Argument US has far higher death rate from Covid than other wealthy countries. Why is that?
1 Added Argument Is modern Culture a Good or Bad thing?
1 Added Argument Covid Was Population Control
5 Created Debate Covid Was Population Control
1 Added Argument Where are the Christians???

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