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UnknownAlias's Reward Points: 54

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Would North Korea win in a war against USA
1 Added Argument What are your thoughts on suicide?
1 Added Argument GENETICALLY, are pedophilia and homosexuality different?
1 Added Argument Who is the most influential CHARACHTER in Naruto?
3 Created Debate Who is the most influential CHARACHTER in Naruto?
1 Added Argument What is the Cruellest way you can think of Punishing Someone?
2 Added Argument Abortion
1 Added Argument Should women have their breasts cut off so that they can fit into mens clothes?
1 Added Argument One Country
-1 Downvoted Argument Is homosexuality wrong?
1 Added Argument How can gay marriage hurt any one?
2 Added Argument Favorite Anime/Manga Couple?
-1 Downvoted Argument IS Islam a violent religion?
1 Added Argument Should electronic English (SMS Language)be legalized in schoolz?
0 Created Debate Lady Gaga or Madonna?
0 Created Debate Lady Gaga or Madonna?
2 Created Debate Lady Gaga or Madonna?
1 Added Argument Country!!!!! VS Pop music
1 Added Argument Vocaloids
1 Added Argument If You Could Date a Famous Person, Who Would It Be?
2 Created Debate Vocaloids
1 Added Argument Should Anonymous Internet Comments Be Allowed?
1 Added Argument Girls are better than boys!
1 Added Argument If you had an abortion should it be up to both people or just the mother?

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