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andsoccer16's Reward Points: 1785

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument evolution vs creationism
8 High Rated Argument Why has evolution not been proven yet?
3 High Rated Argument Should all children recieve a trophy or medal in sporting events despite losing?
6 High Rated Argument Plastics- beneficial or harmful
1 High Rated Argument Should States be allowed to ban abortion?
1 High Rated Argument DO GODS EXIST??
1 High Rated Argument Should guns be legal?
-1 Downvoted Argument Religion
3 High Rated Argument Religion
1 Added Argument Stephen Jay Gould: Charlatan Whose Research Cannot Be Trusted?
1 Added Argument Religion
-1 Downvoted Argument Are Jehovah's Witnesses a fake religion?
4 Added Argument Would Mitt Romney be the best choice for president for economic recovery?
1 Added Argument If there is no God Is there a meaning to life?
5 Created Debate Good Samaritan Laws
1 Added Argument The Cause Theory
1 Added Argument Eye for an eye? Man sentenced to blinding for attack.
1 Added Argument Eye for an eye? Man sentenced to blinding for attack.
1 Added Argument Homosexuality:Honest Opinion Needed
1 Added Argument Should Michele Bachmann's Migraines Disqualify Her From the Presidency?
1 Added Argument Study Shows Sex Talks Actually Do Make a Difference Did Your Parents Talk to You About it?
3 Added Argument Should Tazers be banned in the police force????
1 Added Argument Is spending more money going to help debt?
1 Added Argument Britain didn't need Americas help to win the war(WWII)

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