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ledhead818's Reward Points: 638

Points When What Where
4 High Rated Argument How can gay marriage hurt any one?
6 High Rated Argument U.S. should put an end to war on drugs, legalize pot?
1 High Rated Argument Pray the gay away!
1 High Rated Argument Israel versus Palestine
1 High Rated Argument Why do many people find the act of other people doing drugs to be wrong?
1 High Rated Argument Do you believe in God?
1 Added Argument Should abortion be banned?
1 Added Argument Is the problem of Racism a Political or Moral issue?
1 Added Argument Is being Agnostic the best religious choice? Isn't it like playing it safe?
3 High Rated Argument Do you believe this quote by Einstein?
1 Added Argument Thoughts of a Dying Atheist ..?
2 Added Argument Legalize and Tax It?
6 High Rated Argument How can gay marriage hurt any one?
3 Added Argument Religious debates between people of different religions are pointless.
3 Added Argument Why are Criminal rates on Blacks higher than any other race?
4 Added Argument People who are for Obama Care just don't get it!
1 Added Argument Bodybuilding: Narcissistic or Quest for Perfection?
1 Added Argument State of the Union Address, inspiring or bullshit?
1 Added Argument Glenn Beck: Arguing With Idiots
2 Added Argument Is the Democrat party the party for ugly women?
2 Added Argument Corpocracy?
1 Added Argument What was so bad about Bush?
2 Added Argument What can we argue about, either for or against, libertarians?
2 Added Argument Was Obama elected because he is black?

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