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If you've read the Illiad, you'll get where I'm coming from on this:

The immortal gods have all the time in the world to be petty; humans have all the time to lose their chance to change the world.

How quickly would life become meaningless? How quickly would we tire of our endless youth? If everyone lives forever, then what is there to live for? Human beauty comes in the brevity of our lives, and from our ambition to change the world in this tiny time slot. We are all dying, dying every day. Most people become aware of this even as children, and it makes everything we do so much more important- because we DON'T have forever to do it in. When you're living under a time limit you have so much more to live for.

Immortality would devalue human life, I think.

1 point

Killing animals for food? Not necessarily murder. Hunter-gatherers took down the slow and injured of herds, as do natural predators, and no one calls that murder. However, factory farming is disgusting, cruel, and environmentally unsound. The "meat is murder" viewpoint is a luxury of modern farming, and those who do not have access to the resources we do need meat in their diet for protein; however, they kill and process it.

I think that to eat meat, one should have to process it him/herself, and be very aware of where it came from and how it lived, as well as make up for the carbon cost of eating it.

I must say that I do not do this myself, before anyone asks. And to some extent this is hypocrisy. Flay me for it, whatever.

1 point

How would we know? And why does it matter? And what keeps us from going out like a light, switch and it's off and gone and no more?

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