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Teleological Ethics Deontological Ethics
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Deontological Ethics and Teleological Ethics



Teleological Ethics

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Deontological Ethics

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Do the Right Thing-

All the laws and ethical theories mankind has created was all for only one reason: For us to do the Right thing, imagine that you can weigh certain doings wether it's good or evil, so we can tell how much the certain doing or occurance is heading to the good side or the bad side, regarding the statue you see at most courts.

Telling the Truth like what most people who follow the Deontological Ethics is not neccessarily the Right thing to do, due to the fact that telling the Truth dosen't mean that you are definitley tilting the scale towards the good side, but it would always baise the scale, perhaps to the bad side, depending on the situation. Ignorance is not a bliss, but sadness.

Teleologist Ethics works in a way to be more complicative, with far more intelligence. It attempts to see how balance the scale is first, so you can have a better knowledge of the goodnesses and badnesses in order before making a final judgement to tilt the scale to the good side. And things should work more complicative, as our minds should be flexible and not like block heads if we are to respect the gift G-d has given us as intelligent species with Free Will choice. In addition, including the Ying and Yang theory, things are not only about viewing things as either a must be good or bad, but rather through the middle, as all bad things does have a bright side which you can follow towards. Concerning the fact that ignorance is not a bliss, but sadness, the aim for doing the Right thing is to bring happiness into reality, as that's what it's all about. Even in some cases were some may not get a chance to feel the warmth of it, it's still there, as G-d is omniscient. Furthermore, there is also a reason as to why my Teleologist Ethics's paragraph is much longer than the previous one, it's due to the fact that it is far more complicated with more intelligence, as Free Will choice had given me more important topics to type about.

Although some may say it also depends on how much sadness and happiness there is, within' a case, wether allot of people gain happiness, and just one person undergoes sadness or vise versa, if the Right thing is what most people would agree on to what should happen, which most people had already agreed on due to the fact that their are so many Ethical things such as the bible, then the happiness should be given to the righteous person or people. Therefore, doing the Right thing is our main duty, it helps everything to ride and not just overide everything else like what the Categorical Imperative says. As a result, my belief would be Teleologist Ethics. In addition, although what I said was mainly one sided, I was only talking on behalf of the right side, after filtering what I've known, so due to the fact that we have a Free Will choice to filter the things we know and come up with more ideas as answers lead to more questions, so that we can learn more, why not? If everybody had followed the Deontological Ethics like prisoners, then we would never had advanced our civilization.

Praveen Robin Biswakarma- ;)

Side: Teleological Ethics
Filtereal(26) Disputed
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Alright, I'd just found a little something about my (1st) recent opinion at the Teleological Ethics side which I'd lefted out that's attackable:

Wether G-d exists or not.- ;)

Side: My Ethics
Mahollinder(900) Disputed
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The ends don't always justify the means. Question: is the right thing always ethical? Are there times when the "right thing" is unethical?

Side: Deontological Ethics
JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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If the right thing is unethical then isn't it the wrong thing?

Or is that just an excuse to be a rebel.

Side: Teleological Ethics
Filtereal(26) Disputed
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Regarding my personal belief, I think that the right thing shouldn't just override everything, but help everthing to ride.

Side: Teleological Ethics
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