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It's pointless, eh? So, have you actually never had a pet? And if so, when it died, you didn't care? How sweet.

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I agree. And ya know what I say to people and get some nasty looks? "Why don't you go ahead and commit some cannibalism now?" I mean, seriously, so we're the highest order of species, why waste already dead human bodies, too, and eat them instead of letting them rot into Earth while there's still millions of people starving? So, it's "immoral" to eat an already dead human for meat, but it's "natural and OK" to brutally kill animals for meat? Whatever. I don't think it has anything to do with morals to not eat a human, but rather because we're mentally trained to think it's disgusting and crass to eat another human, and it's OK to kill and eat animals, PERIOD. Most people are also mentally trained to believe in God and Jesus and church and worship (and on and on and on), but does that mean it's the "Right" thing? Not really.


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In my opinion, no. I don't believe we have any type of "soul" that floats around waiting to consummate somewhere else or whatever. Makes no sense to me. I think death just IS, and that's that. You die, and the end. There's no blackness to look at because you're dead. But I do get how depressing my perception is. Everyone wants to believe we have a soul within us that'll never die and people that live beyond us, will be able to sense it or enjoy their life thinking we're not completely "dead."

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Ya, that sound pretty logical. There's really nothing more annoying these days than a religious Christian who thinks science is "made up" and worthless.

So, if, religion answers the "why", what answers the "who." I mean, I've heard it over and over in other debates that people either say "God," or they actually don't care. But they care about the other questionable factors and somehow have the mindset to ignore the 'who.' I mean, if they're going to think that way, maybe they shouldn't think about it AT all, no what, where, when, why how.

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