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1 point

It's fine. More people kill out of emotion than anything else really. In the first place, bigotry is a feeling.

1 point

Yes yes, I get all that. But at the bottom of it all, I choose which emotions I believe are conducive to leading a healthy vibrant life and will myself to encourage them and act upon them while choosing to sort out my negative emotions, preferably in a way that doesn't cost the loved ones around me. So in the end, it's still reason. Living with emotion as a guide is... akin to eating according to appetite. I never feel like kale. But I eat kale anyway. Damn.

1 point

Then an absolute morality with "do no harm" at it's centre may in fact be beneficial to humanity, shall we make it official right now and live by it? XD We could make a new Hippocratic cult!!!

1 point

Hahaha, if only it were that simple. What if one of the children he kept from being aborted became a second Hawking and brought great prosperity and joy to many others? The world is super complex like that.

1 point

It is interesting that everyone is debating right and wrong without a strict definition of either. Does right and wrong actually exist? As Christianity seems to be the focus of prudish vigilance, I would like to quote the bible: "Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial." 1Corinthians vs 6. Here we have an incredibly pragmatic view on the cans and cannots. "You're allowed to do everything. But if you choose with your free will to continue harming yourself physically, emotionally, as a person, then you're a serious piece of work. Note, the bible includes ways to heal oneself and to negate emotional harm so this isn't some "I tell you, you do it" shit. Instead of whether right and wrong are relative, I would like to propose that the idea of right and wrong itself is incredibly narrow. The world is more complex and beautiful than that, otherwise I would look down on it.

1 point

Do you mean then that as long as the paper trail is complete, then it is valid 'proof'? I find this hard to accept. However, a trail of evidences that cover every single possibility of fraud or extenuating circumstances cannot exist, conceptually speaking. Thus I'm for the other team ^_^ whatever convinces wins!!!

1 point

We must understand that scientific 'truth' (this mathematical statement/these statistics are) is distinct from philosophical, psychological and etymological 'truth'. It is us who use the word who are confused, not the definitions in and of themselves.

1 point

The key argument for 'absolute truth' seems to be that without the subjective view point of a human being (being with a consciousness capable of understanding viewpoints), the world around us would still exist. Thus 'truth' is equated with reality. However I would like to propose that truth in itself requires a viewpoint. For example, if a person with extensive brain damage who was once a murderer was asked "have you ever murdered another person?", this person can, quite 'truthfully', say "no I haven't". This degree of truthfulness is analogous to if we were asked the same question (assuming no murderer is reading this, if there are, my apologies), as we cannot guarantee what we are not consciously aware of. Who knows? I may moonlight as a serial killer I my sleeping hours when I have no alibi for myself. Therefore, truth has to do with integrity and choice. While the objective reality may be that I have, in fact, killed someone, I can nonetheless 'truthfully' say that I have not.

It all depends on how aware we all are of the complexity of reality and consciousness, it's not so black and white as this happened or not, a lot of times we 'create' realities with our minds, emotions and beliefs (the situation mentioned above being an extremely simplistic example of this).

Truth, in the bible, means specifically the seen world and the unseen world as seen by their Creator, not simply the exact atomic configurations of what we understand to be 'reality'.

Therefore! Truth, correctly has close ties with the word "sincerity", because only creatures with a will can be truthful. A rock, however hard it tries, cannot.

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