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1 point

I see you took some inspiration from me here ;)

Sure did. But if you read my debates you'll know the subject is nothing new to me.

it's not a position I take

Got a reason why?

So when we say "God", how do we know we are correct in our usage?

Oh dear you'll have to get to know someone deeply and personally, and who wants to do that when stereotyping them is so much easier!

atypican(4873) Clarified
1 point

Testing "Clarify" Feature .

1 point

I seriously think that we're arguing from different point of view.

I think you might be on to something...WE ARE different people!

Suffering is beneficial in that it helps us to avoid allowing harmful behavior to continue. I don't think of it as a complicated philosophical realization.

Here..I stole this quote and I'm giving it to you for free!

“Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little.” ~ Buddha

1 point

~laughs~ I wrote that.....silly person !

1 point

Our last best chance to mature enough philosophically that we don't annihilate ourselves.

1 point

Oh I found Friedrich Nietzsche said essentially the same thing with

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”

1 point

Do you think that ideas require perceiving minds for their very existence?

No, I do not. :) Things exist without humanity. They did before and they will when we are dead.

Of course "things" exist without humanity. But I was talking about specific kinds of things. Namely Ideas.

If you really think that an idea can exist without a mind, I'd like to hear what you think the difference is between a thought and an idea. And btw I don't think humans are the only creatures that can think or have ideas.

2 points

Look here.. It appears that we disagree on the meaning of truth!

I have a question for you. Do you think that ideas require perceiving minds for their very existence?

1 point

" agreement with fact or reality in particular".

truth always improves an individual's awareness of reality. Truth is necessarily related to individual awareness.

We cannot be free of deceit to know reality. Proceeding from that, we cannot even know anything, because knowing anything would require the truth of it... Truth and Knowledge go hand in hand.

So you must be agnostic :)

While a single truth can't remove all obstructions to a clear undistorted view of reality it can remove some. Truth is not that which makes our view of reality flawless but that which enables us to identify flaws.

2 points

Truth = That which improves awareness of reality.

Truth is often used as a synonym for objective reality. I find that to be a confused use of the term.

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