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1 point

What u need to do is simmer down, take a breather, go to your nearest steak house, order the biggest bestes steak on the menu, grab a fork and knife, and take a bite. If that delicious piece of cow doesnt make your teeth chatter.....blasphemy I say. But if it doesnt, pull yo skirt down and realize that they are animals. And they are not to be compared to humans. Besides, If a hungery lion saw you walking around in his hood, he would go to town on yo ass, literally. He'd grab his lion fork and lion knife, tell his wives and kids to go stand in the corner until he got done, and chew you until you stopped screaming. Then his family would hav a go. They would have a family picnic feeding on your entrails. So humans have to be stuck eating plants while all the other animals get to eat meat. Even some plants eat meat for goodness sake. Now hunting for sport, I dont really get.

1 point

I believe thaere is. Although there is only one possible way, to date, of knowing for sure. Thats dying and experiencing what comes, then coming back to life to tell us about it. There no way anyone can say for sure. I qwould like there to be. Not existing would suck, im sure.

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