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RSS Shukla

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Of course meat is murder. Murder is the act of killing. So killing an animal is murder. Humans naturally startted out as vegatatian and out of there greed they became meat eaters. Think about it a human is basically defensless, it can't startout by killing an animal. But over time Humans developed wheapons and applied tem in the wrong areas.

Eating meat is hurting the planet. A cow only retains 10% of the food intake so if a cow where to eat 13,000 pounds of wheat only 1,300 would remain. Instead of giving the cow that food and having 90% of it being wasted, give it to humans and stop hunger. And when I say 1,300 retains, only 10 percent of that is edible.

But greed aside and save humanity we are smart.

Even through many indians might be in poverty and over populated that country has a surplus in produce since 80% of that country is vegitarian.

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